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Gotta Do Somethin' To Save Our Marriage

Sweetest friends Shalom!!

After I finished my last post I went to check my email. Let me begin by saying that I like email. It allows me to connect to the people I love most - Yidden! All types!! What a pleasure - and the price can't be beat!!

So anyway I go to my email and on the side of the screen I see an offer I CAN refuse - ZNUS, PRITZUS, ARAYOS. [For the uninitiated I translate loosely - no pun intended - immorality.]


That is what I meant in the previous post. We gotta do something about this sexually depraved internet. For the sake of our marriage - with G-d!!!

Love and blessings!

Please daven for Elisheva Shoshana bas Smadar Tzippora [Rabbi Rosenzweig's daughter], Yaakov ben Sara Yenta [elderly man who had cancer in a bone in his arm and now broke that arm] and Eytan Meir ben Rivkah Orah [a sweet child with a horrible form of cancer] bisoch shear cholei yisrael.

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