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May G-d Always Save Us!!!

Recently we had a post entitled "True Security". Then I received this email which bears out what we said. Heeeeeere it is:

An Important Message from Rabbi Jonathan Rosenblatt

Dear Friends,

You have doubtless heard on the news that our shul was targeted by terrorist bombers in a plot that the FBI, NYPD, and Department of Homeland Security were carefully monitoring from its inception. The bombs, which were supposed to be planted in front of the RJC and in front of the Riverdale Temple, were provided through FBI agents posing as representatives of a Pakistani terrorist organization. These armaments were inert and at no time was there any real danger. All of the suspects were apprehended. Police Commissioner Kelly and representatives of the FBI, NYPD, and Homeland Security came personally to the RJC to inform the community and to allay our fears. We are assured that although there is no residual danger, the 50th Precinct will be offering us special surveillance and protection. Our public officials have also come forward to assure their help in keeping the RJC secure.

Oy vey!!!

Baruch Hashem they were caught!

What really shocked me was that the "Temple" is in Riverdale. All along I have been looking for it in Jerusalem.

I feel so stupid.

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