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Small Man Arriving In Big Country

Sweetest friends Shalom!!

It is ASSUR!!


Most poskim [Ramabm, Shulchan Aruch, Mishna Brura etc.] hold that it absolutely forbidden to leave the land of Israel [if you live here] unless one has a good reason [vacation doesn't count].

My dear parents have requested that I come to America for my sweet nephew's Bar-Mitzvah. That is a valid reason.

I am writing this to inform my dear friends that from Thu. September 3rd until Sunday the 6th I will be in New Jersey/ New York. I can be reached at 973-471-8544 [my brother's house]. I apologize to the people who left me messages last time I was in the States and I didn't return the calls. It is rude not to return telephone calls [even though I know quite a few otherwise fine people who don't], but I simply didn't get the messages because I didn't know how to access the messages on the cell phone I had borrowed. I still don't. I also don't know how to text message or how to drive or how to fix a leaky faucet - but I am stilll a happy guy.

Love and blessings!!

tzeitcha l'shalom.

are you flying delta? my wife is flying for that same short period too, for her niece's bat mitvah. her parents didn't request, but i hope it's still a valid reason.

mazal tov to your nephew!

Delta it is! At least now there is someone on the flight with whom I can "talk in learning"!

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