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A Sure Thing

Sweetest friends Shalom!!

Recently I posted a request to donate money in order to help with the marriage of a young man whose father died tragically young. I received a positive response from approximately 4 [!] people. This leads me to believe either 1] that the readership of alleyways is much smaller than I thought [I always assumed that there must be at least 10 people besides my mother who read this...] or 2] there are MANY other worthy causes and people give to those. I am not so arrogant to think that what I am collecting for is more important than any other tzedaka. If I were arrogant then I would never be able to fall asleep at night - it would be impossible falling asleep in a bed with an arrogant person [a baal gyva in the vernacular]. I could move to a different place but it wouldn't help, he would just follow me...

I would, however, like to thank those kindhearted people who DID open their wallets and especially the person who thanked ME for the opportunity to take part in this mitzva. I feel VERY uncomfortable collecting tzedaka [even though b"h it is not for me] and expression of appreciation eases much of my discomfort. You should know how much you gladdened the family of the orphaned chosson [whom I love very much so you also gladdened me].

Also, I would like to remind all of my sweetest friends that the ONLY money that you ever spend that is guaranteed to last FOREVER is money spent on a mitzva - particularly tzedaka. There are many people who WISH that instead of their money disappearing in the stock market it would have translated into food on the table of the poor. So in this shakey market it is worthwhile investing in a "sure thing".

Love and blessings to all of my friends - Rachmanim Bnei Rachmanim!!

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