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Is A Lawyer A Job For A Good Jewish Boy?

When I was a child when someone wanted to make conversation they would say something to the effect of "How about those Yankees!" Today people will say to me "What is the "hoc" in the Rova?"

Well, tonight I asked Rav Nevenzahl Shlita a question that was presented to me in order to ask the Rav concerning a law student. Rav Nevenzahl said "Who says that it is permitted to be a lawyer?" [See the third Rashi in Parshas Mishpatim.] He refused to answer the question.

Interesting hoc.

Anyway I am not taking a position on this topic as Rav Nevenzahl is a world class Talmid Chacham and I am dust under his feet [on a good day] so I remain silent. But given the fact that there are many, many Torah Observant lawyers I will recommend a book that was recently published entitled "The Pursuit Of Justice And Jewish Law". I have not read it but I know that it deals with issues that a frum lawyer will encounter [including the rectitude of being a lawyer at all. The author is himself a lawyer and Talmid Chacham so I am pretty sure what his conclusion is].

What is instructive for us - even the non-lawyers - is that one should consult Hashem Yisborach before choosing a profession, as the Gemara at the end of Kiddushin teaches.

The Good Lord is not only in shul and in the Beis Medrash - but in the boardrooms and offices too.

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