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Riddle-In: A Riddle Designed To Keep People Focused On Torah - Answer

One should not eat meat on Purim night so that they don't think that they have fulfilled their Seudah obligation [which can only fulfilled during the day]. But this year Purim falls out on Motzaei Shabbos [in most places]. It is recommended that one should eat meat for Melave Malka. Hence if one eats meat this year on Purim night it will clearly be for Melave Malka and is thus preferable. [Rav Yitzchak Zilberstien Shlita]

What if one, ר"ל, doesn't generally eat meat for מלוה מלכה; can't this שינוי be misconstrued to the extent that it will send whatever message we're trying to avoid by not eating meat altogether ליל פורים?

You're probably right.

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