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Maybe It Is Better Not To Ask

"So, how was Rav Ally's shiur?" one student asked another, out of curiosity.

Is such a question permitted? Isn't that INVITING lashon hara. "Boooooooooring". "Torture". "I think he should go into business and leave the Yeshiva." [Little do they know that I have the business acumen of a giraffe. But I get the point.]

So can we ask such questions?

לכאורה this should be the same דין as when someone asks you if a certain מכולת is worthy of being patronized.

That would usually be for toeles. But inquiring about a shiur is usually done out of curiosity.

I see. I misunderstood, as I thought he was asking to know whether he should go to the שיעור in the future, not סתם אזוי.

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