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Good Guess!

This is EXCITING! You are in sixth grade and are participating in the "brachos bee". Why they would name a bracha contest after an unkosher animal is beyond me but we will avoid that issue. Anyway, brachos bee sounds better than "brachos mosquito".

They ask you what bracha to make on Techina. You answer "Shehakol". "Blintzes?" "Mezonos". "Tzimmes?" "Ha'adama". "Napolean cake?" "Mezonos on the cake, shehakol on the cream". [Amazing! He was a leader, general and - pastry chef!!] You are on a roll.

Now you are asked [for the win!] "Mon?" "What?" You ask. "Mon, manna," you are told. "The heavenly food that fell for the Jews in the desert. What was the bracha made before they ate it?"

Well, this has practical ramifications. When Moshiach comes we will take out the jar of mon which was preserved by Aharon [Shemos 16/33] and eat it.

Well you can't say hamotzi lechem min ha'aretz. It doesn't come from the earth.

You venture a guess "Hamotzi lechem min hashomayim" - [He takes bread from the heavens]. DING DING!! Correct. The great kabbalist the Rama Mi'Pano ruled that way.
[See sefer Chavatzeles Hasharon on Shemos page 290 for a detailed discussion.]

The prize? A years supply of honey [in honor of the "bee"]!!

Mazel Tov!!!!!

When in doubt - Shehakol
When 4 in the morning and half asleep - shehakol
Basically SHehakol - Shehakol - Shehakol - Shehakol!!!!!!!!!

Also in honor of the mon, no?

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