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Urgent Message

Anybody who is: blue, blue funk, bummed out, cast down, crestfallen, crummy, dejected, depressed, discouraged, despondent, destroyed, disconsolate, dispirited, down, downcast, downhearted, dragged, fed up, glum, grim, hurting, in pain, let down, low, low down, low-spirited, lugubrious [what? A.E.], melancholy, moody, morose, pessimistic, ripped, sad, spiritless, taken down, torn up, unhappy, woebegone [courtesy of dictionary.com] - you have ONE MORE DAY to "enjoy" yourself!!! Then it is all over. YOU MUST BE HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!

Adar is beginning. And that means SIMCHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meeshe meeshe meeshe.......

I love the word, "Simcha!" Purim is right around the corner, which always brings much joy. I love the onset of spring, which brings new life, new flowers, birds singing, etc...Great post, Rav!

Dear Big Daddy Jew

Thanks for the comment. I love the word simcha too. I named my son [born in Adar] Simcha!

As for the onset of spring - "new life, new flowers, birds singing" thank G-d there are some people who still appreciate nature!!!!

DICTIONARY.COM HAS A THESAURAS???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

sell it

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