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Empty Declaration? Making It Real

Ki hem chayeinu vi'orech yameinu"- Torah is our life and the length of our days!! "Toireh is a-les" - Torah is everything. Everybody who davens maáriv makes this declaration nightly!

Many people say this and miraculously don't learn! And many people DO learn but find every excuse not to do so. Why?

Because it is not enough to say it! That is why we continue "U'vahem nehege yomam valaia" - And about [Torah] we will meditate day and night". We have to DEMONSTRATE that Torah is our life by learning every available second.

[Heard from Rav Aharon Kahn Shlita in his wonderful eulogy for Rav Shmuel Birnbaum on Yutorah.org]

from the perspective of one who has no obligation to be kovea ittim: ki hem chayenu is more than just learning every possible minute; it means living the torah every minute of the day, and in every possible circumstance. so even when one is not learning, one can still fulfill ki hem chayenu.

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