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Going Overboard - Answer

Everybody should wait for Mikey to be revived and only continue reading afterwards because the people reviving Mikey are essentially the agents of the congregation. This is similar to the halacha [M.B. 284/12] that states that we don't start reading the haftora until the gelila is completed so that the magbiah and golel can listen. [Rav Yitzchak Zilberstein]

One can possibly argue that the two cases cannot be compared. In the Haftora case, hagba and gelila are part of the structure of davening and the whole congregation has an interest and obligation that the Sefer Torah be neatly rolled up and covered. Therefore they must wait. In the Megilla case however Mikey is being attended to by the Hatzala people and the congregation is not necessarily obligated to wait. Tircha ditzibura is a serious issue. Maybe it would depend on whether there is another place that Mikey would be able to hear the Megilla reading afterwards. Of course the people may choose to be nice and wait but it may not be obligatory to do so. If Mikey is brought to the hospital then the people definitely don't have to wait.

If we follow R. Zilberstein's ruling and kindly wait until Mikey comes back to his senses it is forbidden to talk in the interim. The best thing to do is learn the Megillah and its commentaries quietly. [See Igros Moshe 1/192 and Chashukei Chemed Megilla Page 229]

Moral of the story: It is better not to faint if only to avoid halachic questions....

Love, blessings and good health to all of my sweet friends!!

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