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Happy Purim Katan!!

Today [the 14th of Adar and tomorrow as well] is a big simcha for klal yisrael. We don't say Tachanun!!!!!!

He he he!!!!! [See a previous post of mine lamenting the fact that so many Jews dislike Tachanun.]

The real reason is that it is Purim Katan. The Rema [697] says that on the 14th of Adar Rishon some have a custom to have a sumptuous meal and to rejoice. The Ksav Sofer [Parshas Tetzaveh] adds that since we give mishloach manos in order to enhance the meal it would follow that one who has a special meal on Purim Katan should also send mishloach manos.

However the Ran on Megillah [3b midapei haRif] explicitly writes that mishloach manos is only in Adar Sheni.

If you are a 15th of Adar Jew [if you live for example in Yerushalayim] then apparently the day to rejoice is the 15th of Adar Rishon, just as you will do in Adar Sheni.

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