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A Tale Of Two Rings

True story that happened last week. A very fine young man from a good family married a wonderful young woman from a similarly prominent family. The wedding was joyous, the food was plentiful and the dancing was lively. "Invei hagefen bi'invei hagefen." A match made in heaven!

The Shabbos after the wedding a large sheva brachos was made. Many, many people attended. The chassans sister put her hand in her pocket and then realized .... OH NO!! What happened was that the chosson [her brother] had given her the ring to hold on to until the chuppah. Then she was to hand it to him. The problem is that she had another ring in her pocket also and accidentally handed him this ring. This ring belonged to a different woman!! She now found her brothers ring causing her to realize that she had handed him the wrong one.

We know that the ring must belong to the chosson - otherwise the marriage is not valid. In this case the ring belonged to someone else. They are not married. What now???

So if it was during the week there is a simple solution. Bring two witnesses and have the chosson marry the kallah privately and the sheva brachos may continue. But now is Shabbos. On Shabbos one may not marry a woman. This is Rabbinically prohibited [for it is similar to a business transaction].

So everybody came to the sheva brachos celebration and it turns out that we can't make brachos because the couple is not married. This is SOOOOOOOOO embarrassing. What can we do to save this couple and keep this faux pas under wraps???

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