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Alleyways Goes Political

There is so much excessive verbiage regarding the upcoming elections. Analysis of what has happened, predictions of what will happen and endless discussions about anything and everything. Bnei and Bnos Torah have no time for this. They are too busy raising families, earning a living, learning torah and doing mitzvos. But we still have to know who to vote for, so I will give my endorsement.

The woman. We have to vote for the woman. She has a proven track record, is honest, hardworking, sincere, a staunch supporter of Israel, a promoter of family values, brilliant and above all is someone with a heart of gold who will only do what is best for the country.

The President of the U.S.A. is the most powerful person in the world. That is why I feel that this position must be entrusted in the hands of a singularly great individual: My mother. I know her as "Mommy".

Mommy for President. She would be GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elchanan ben Hanesiah Henna Miriam

We very much enjoyed your drasha at
the tolna shabbos.

But if Rebbe's mother isn't running, would he still vote for the woman? Or would Rebbe vote for someone else? I support McCain!

True story: the first candidate I ever voted for was my mother, for a position in local government.

Ohmigoodness!! Someone else in Tolna has internet?!

Thanks for the kind words.

Yaakov Dov! I support you. Or Rochel.
Or Yonah Moshe.

Beis - Did she win?

Wait just a minute here...is the Rav not voting for the Tolna Rebbe? (Rebbe, If you get to vote in America you should have to go to America and do Jury Duty!)

He is an Israeli citizen. Can't run.

He is an Israeli citizen. Can't run.

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