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Different Or The Same?

Rashi says at the beginning of this weeks parsha that when one makes a donation to the mishkan it should be done "for the sake of my name". Hey, EVERY MITZVA should be done for the sake of Hashem and not for ulterior motives so how is this mitzva different from any other mitzva? What is Rashi teaching us?

Good Shabbos sweetest friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The mishkan is a sort of house, and you would have the hava amina that Hashem would physically dwell in that house. Rashi is saying that's not the case; only Hashem's "name" or "kavod" or whatever dwells there, but not any physical Divine body, because such a body does not exist.

I would explain an answer to this based largely on the comments of the Malbim in the beginning of the parsha. He notes that the donations to the mishkan should be for Hashem, emphasizing the For Hashem, and not for personal honor or glory. Seems that often when people give or donate and people will see, so it becomes harder to do so lishma (lishmo in this case) and it is the ease with which motivations may be mixed in this particular mitva which Rashi may be stressing (efshar??)

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