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Have A Good Time

Everything a person does in this world is for pleasure. We eat for pleasure, sleep for pleasure, work in order to make money so that we can have pleasure, we get married for pleasure and we even do mitzvos for pleasure. Either the pleasure of feeling we did the right thing and "pleased" G-d, or the pleasure of being rewarded, or the pleasure of not feeling guilty if we would have done the wrong thing, or the pleasure of the mitzva act itself such as eating on Shabbos or dancing at a wedding. [Rav Dessler in Michtav Méliyahu expands on this idea].

This is fitting because the whole purpose of creation is in order to have pleasure. So let's have fun and go wild! Who needs Torah??

MISTAKE! G-d told us that in order to maximize our pleasure we should keep the Torah.
So the Torah is a guidebook for pleasure. [Ramchal]

So when a man goes to a club on a Saturday night and his counterpart goes to the beis medrash they ARE BOTH LOOKING FOR A GOOD TIME. The difference is only whether the pleasure will be a physical one or spiritual one. Our job in this world is to educate ourselves and our children to enjoy spiritual pleasure. Anyone who has experienced both knows that there is no comparison between the two. Spiritual pleasure wins by a landslide. One caveat: It takes hard work to learn to appreciate spiritual pleasure. Appreciating physical pleasure, in contrast, can be accomplished even by a horse. However once you reach the level where your pleasure is of the spiritual type, your life will never be the same!!

Love and blessings to all!!!

So true, Rav Ally! There is nothing sweeter than a nigun from the heart or a good conversation with a close friend. Not even chocolate cake. N.E.

Reminds of this piece I wrote up Excuse the Spelling
I saw a great piece of Rav Tzadok on Purim The Medrash says it says in the Posuk that Haman says to Achshverosh:
ישנו Why does the Posuk use the loshon ישנו not somthing else, Why? Haman says the Jews are always partying and eating,and the word comes from Shain tooth because they are always eating Haman claimed "They will eat the worlds food" and they always blame there religion.They say Oneg Shabbos, Oneg Yom Tov: every 7 days shabbos, every 30 days is Rosh Chodesh. Nissan is Pesach, Tishrie is Succos, they are always partying Hashem tells him you Rashah You make fun of my Yomim Tovim there will be another Yom Tov on the day of your downfall,that is Purim.What was The reason for his Nitpicking with Food? Haman understands a Baal Teivah,you love food fine.Thats OK but to go and to make it Oneg to make the Gashmius into Ruchniess this to Haman was unacceptable.
The text of the Medrash here:
ישנו עם אחד אמר ליה שניהון רברבן שאוכלין ושותין ואומרים עונג שבת עונג יום טוב שהן מכניסין פחת בממונו של עולם חדא לשבעה יומין שבתא חד לתלתין יומין ריש ירחא בניסן פיסחא בסיון עצרת בתשרי ריש שתא וצומא רבא וחגא דמטללתא אמר לו אחשורוש כך הם מצווין בתורתן אמר לו המן אלו היו משמרין את מועדיהם ומועדינו יפה היו עושין אלא שמבזים מועדיך ואת דתי המלך אינם עושים שאין משמרים לא קלנדס ולא סטרנליא אמר לו הקב"ה רשע אתה מפיל עין רעה במועדיהם שלהם הרי אני מפילך לפניהם ומוסיפים להם מועד אחד על מפלתך זה ימי הפורים
Reminds me of a joke L'kovod Adar Aleph Arafat went to a psychic so he told him you are going to die on a Jewish holiday quickly Arafat replies which one? He answers him it does not matter no matter when you die it will be a Jewish holiday!!!


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