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Different Or The Same - Answer

Generally the mitzva ACT should be done with kavanna li'shem shomayim because the act itself is significant. Tzedaka might be different. What is important is that the poor man receives the money. The act of giving is only a means of achieving the goal of providing the man with his needs. In other words it is not the ACT that matters but the OUTCOME. Some authorities suggest that for this reason tzedaka requires no kavanna. Just make sure that the needy man gets the cash. That is what matters. Kavvana Shmavanna. [Not everybody holds this way so practically speaking you should have kavvana when you give tzedaka.]

That might be why the Torah teaches [according to Rashi] that one must nevertheless have kavvana when donating to the mishkan. [L'horos Nosson Parshas Terumah]

Shavua Tov, a Gut Voch and a great week to all of my sweetest friends!!!!!!

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