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Parental Delivery - Answer

Dear Sheyna Tachpoises,

I am very impressed with your sensitivity towards the mitzva of honoring parents. Indeed the gemara [kiddushin 45b] says that it is CHUTZPAH to send a parent as a messenger. You should do everything in your power to make sure that you are serving them and not the other way around. However if your parent OFFERS and you see that they really want to do something for you, you may let them. So what I would do in your case is mention in your fathers presence that you need to deliver the Mishloach Manos to your friend Rochi and if he offers to do it himself you may accept his offer. [See Chashukei Chemed Megillah page 221, Yalkut Yosef Kibbud Av Vol. 1 Page 497.]

By the way, I love your name. It means "Pretty Costume". Were you born on Purim??

Love and blessings!

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