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Jewish Fashion

Should a Torah Scholar and teacher dress like everybody else? Why not? What really matters is how much he knows, how he conducts himself, his level of fear of heaven, his vigilance in keeping halacha etc. etc. Clothing is merely external. That is not what really matters!

Mistake! Clothing DOES matter. A Torah Scholar should dress the part. Clothing influences the way we feel about ourselves and the way others view us. In Parshas Tetzaveh the Torah tells us that the kohanim had special clothing "Li'kavod U'litifares" - for honor and glory. Clothing honors the wearer. "Honor" means an external demonstration of a persons deeper value. This applies not only to the Kohanim but to Torah Scholars as well. [See Sforno 28/2] So while the most important thing is ones internal spiritual level, clothing still plays an important role. So it shouldn't be overemphasized but also shouldn't be deemphasized. A person must find a balance.

Not only Torah Scholars. Anybody who represents Torah and upholds its values [male and female] should similarly make sure to dress appropriately. Clean, neat and dignified.

Black and white? No comment at this time......

i always tell some of my younger friends this when they ask about tznius. they often ask me, isn't internal tznius more important than external tznius? if you are internally tznius, then why do clothes matter? i tell them that it's near impossible to get to that level if you don't start with the external. you need the external dress to remind you to internalize the point. and once you've internalized the point, you want to remain tznius on the outside as well...

Isn't it important that your parent/ spouse love you internally??! But woe unto she who never hears it verbalized!

Isn't it important that your boss appreciate your work??! But woe unto she who is not paid.....

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