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Spiderman On Shabbos - Answer

Dear Moishe,

Thank you for your question. Rav Moshe Feinstein was asked about a mother putting on her childs pajamas on Shabbos afternoon even though the child is not going to sleep until after Shabbos. He says that this is fine because a child likes to play in his pajamas before actually going to sleep [I do too!!]. So he is not only preparing for after Shabbos but also desires to be in his pajamas now.

In the same vein, if you enjoy walking around in your costume on Shabbos you may put it on even if you plan to wear it afterwards as well.

Love Me

or maybe little moishe could be peter parker all shabbos and turn into spiderman after havdala.

However isn't there a difference between pajamas and a costume? Pajamas have a purpose on Shabbos, because the kid could possibly go to sleep on Shabbos. However with regard to the costume there is no need for it on Shabbos, since there's no need to wear it until after Shabbos?!

Thanks Morah.

Yaakov Dov - You are a LAMDAN!! But R' Moshe was talking about a case where the kid was not going to sleep until after shabbos. No kid goes to sleep before bedtime.

any chance Rav Moshe was being meikel for a katan on the issue of Kavod shabbas but would not for a gadol?is the issue hachanah? or is the issue a lack of cavod shabbas to wear pajamas while you are walking around and playing in the house?

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