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Pooooor David!!! He was in the desert and his throat was parched!! He needed water more than anything. Dehydration was quickly ravaging his body. The sun was beating down mercilessly. Under these conditions we understand how the average person might very well become obsessed. David was. He was longing and pining to quench his thirst.

For G-d.

"A psalm by David when he was in the desert of Judah. O G-d, You are my G-d, I seek you. For You my soul thirsts, longs for You does my flesh. In a land parched and weary no water." [Tehillim 63/1-2]

Most people would only be interested in water under such circumstances but not King David. He was infatuated with G-d to the same degree as others would be with liquid. To the extent that you desire G-d you will see Him.

"So too [proportional to the depths of desire to see Him, you will] in the Sanctuary to have beheld You, to see Your glory and might." [63/3]

Hi Rebbe. Can you place a post explaining the meaning of "Mazal Tov"? I'm not sure what I'm saying when I say it.

Rav Friedlander explains in the sifsei chaim [somewhere bisheim Rav Dssler that is from lashon "nozel" - dripping. Mazel Tov is the good stuff that drips down from heaven. When I find the exact source I will give it to you bl"n. But no, it doesn't mean "luck".

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thanks hillel!

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