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Remove The Mechitza For Once And For All!

I am against the mechitza! I think it is bad for both the men and the women. It should be removed!!! Sorry for disappointing you.

Let me explain: Hashem is everywhere. In Israel, in New York [even in Times Square!], in Manchester and in Switzerland. Everywhere. He doesn't exist more in one place than in another. So why is Israel considered holier than any other place in the world? Why is Yerushalayim the holiest place in Israel? Holiness is defined as the presence of Hashem, so every place should be equally holy?

The answer is that there are barriers - mechitzas - between us and Hashem. Outside of Israel there are more barriers, in a shul and beis medrash there are fewer barriers. In Israel some of the barriers fall and in Yerushalayim even more. Once the barriers are removed Hashem becomes more manifest to us human beings. He is most manifest in the Beis Hamikdash.

The same applies to time. Hashem exists all week long but those with sensitive spiritual antennas can sense His Presence more on Shabbos.

When we purify ourselves some of the barriers are removed and no matter where we are Hashem becomes more manifest. So our job in this world is to try to remove all of the mechitzas that separate between us and Hashem.

The word "mitzva" comes from the word "tzavta" - togetherness. By doing a mitzva we become united with Hashem. A sin ["chayt" means to miss the mark] accomplishes the opposite.

So let us remove the mechitza and make sure that Hashem is no longer sitting on the other side.

Love to all!

[Based on the teachings of Rav Volbe.]

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