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What Is Shabbos Doing Here?

Right in the middle of Parshas Ki Tisa the Torah starts talking about Shabbos. What is it doing there totally out of context [ this is especially difficult considering the fact that the Torah tells us about Shabbos numerous times]? Rashi says that it teaches us that one should not build the Mishkan on Shabbos. But at the beginning of Vayakhel the Torah talks about Shabbos and Rashi says the same thing - that it teaches us that the building of the Mishkan does not override Shabbos?! Why do we need to learn this lesson twice?

I have no answer. Do you??

Good Shabbos!!!!!!!

Love and blessings to all!

Actually its in the the second word if you look closely Ki Tisa Is Tof after is Sof Next is Shin letter after is Sin Now after Aleph is Beis Unscramble You have Shabbos So you take Ki Tisa to the next level and there you have Shabbos
-Chiddushei Harim

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