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The Root Of All Evil

How did the Jewish people fall so low, make a golden calf and proclaim "These are your Gods O Israel"??

Targum Yonasan Ben Uziel [32/1] says that the problem was that they became excessively proud. As my ninth grade rebbe Rabbi Kerner used to say "Gaivah is the root of all evil." Haughtiness. Conceit. OY VEY!!!!!!!

I think that part of the problem was that Moshe was absent. Moshe was the epitome of humility. Since he was "out of town" [or better "out of this world"] the Jews fell into haughtiness.

The antidote: Always keep your Holy Rebbe and his ideals in your heart so that even in his absence you remain connected. That was what saved Yoseph from succumbing to the seduction of Potifar's wife. That is what will save us from our greatest nemesis - our yetzer hara.

[See the Sefer Zikaron of Rav Dessler, page 314]

Good Shabbos sweetest most beloved friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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