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A student of Rav Shach's once approached him and said "My wife had a daughter and this Shabbos I am making a Kiddush'l" [small insignificant Kiddush]. Rav Shach answered sharply "If you would have waited 10 years for a baby would you also tell me that you are making a Kiddush'l?!"

Rav Shach was trying to convey to his student that we must appreciate Hashem's gifts and not to make light of them. Twelve years ago today my first child Gila was born and I don't want to be guilty of ingratitude. So I want to publicly thank Hashem for the miracle that is the creation of a new human being and for allowing me the exquisite pleasure of fatherhood. It is the source of limitless pleasure.

I want to bless all of my sweet friends that you should all have many healthy happy children and merit many good long years to watch them grow and flourish!

Love and blessings to all and particularly to the apple of my eye, Gila Shoshana - the Bas Mitzva girl!!!!!!!!!

Wow. I can't believe she's twelve already! Mazal tov!

Mazel Tov Gila!!! - from the Jaspan Family.

send gila a hearty mazel tov from the both of us!

Mazel Tov!! rebbe, your post is a bit similar to my last one, let me know what you think..

Thanks for all your good wishes!

Thanks for telling me about Rav Shai - I didn't know.

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