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Monkey Torah

Just a thought. If McCAIN would be running against McAbel would history repeat itself and McCain would "kill" McAbel in the election?

Anyway, I always encourage people to be independent and not to follow the masses in their mindless pursuits. In other words, not to be monkeys "Monkey see monkey do".

Which brings me to the following question: May one send a monkey with mishloach manos to give to his friend on Purim. You know some monkeys are capable of being trained and we can teach them to deliver packages!

Believe it or not the Chasam Sofer in his commentary to Masseches Gittin [22] addresses this issue. He establishes a principle: If the Torah requires that the person himself perform the act [such as marriage or divorce] then in the event that he appoints an agent in his place, this agent must fulfill all of the requirements of a valid agent [such as being human]. But if the Torah explicitly says that an agent may perform the act, then any agent [such as a non-jew and l'havdil a monkey] is valid. The Megillah calls the food we send to our friends "MISHLOACH manos" and thus some authorities understand that the ideal way to send it is with an agent [shaliach] and not personally. It would emerge then that one may send mishloach manos with a monkey since the usual requirements of agency do not apply.

This is based on the understanding of the Chasam Sofer. But everyone would agree that if YOU are wearing a monkey costume you may still deliver mishloach manos....

Suggestion: Put a banana in the mishloach manos basket.

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