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My Dad Is A ... What Is A Child To Do? - Answer

The bottom line is that one is PERMITTED to tell potential clients to stay away from the crooked father. By telling them, the son is preventing his father from sinning. We are all commanded to do what we can in order to save another person from sinning. That also explains why Rochel was allowed to tell Ya'akov that her father was dishonest [a "Ramai"]. She knew that he would try to cheat Ya'akov and she was trying to prevent him from doing so.

In a similar instance Rav Eliashiv ruled that a daughter whose father [a doctor] was stealing equipment from the hospital was obligated to say "Dad, you taught me that it is forbidden to steal and I am going to report you if you don't return the stolen equipment." Then she must carry through.

See Sefer Chasidim Simman 1087 and Chashukei Chemed - Megillah 161-164.

It goes without saying that everything written on this blog is to expand our knowledge and not to pasken halacha. If you have a practical question, consult with a Rav.

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