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United We Stand

I recently heard about a terrible divorce battle between a dentist and his manicurist wife.

They fought tooth and nail.

Ba Dam Chhhhhhhhhhhhh!

At the beginning of this weeks parsha we read that Moshe "gathered" [Vayakhel] the Jewish people. Rashi teaches us that this occurred on the day FOLLOWING Yom Kippur.

A Chassidic Rebbe once remarked that the Torah is teaching us that we shouldn't be united only on Yom Kippur but even AFTER Yom Kippur....

Let's UNITE! We are one!! One with the tzadikim in Sderot. But also one with the tzadikim in Bnei Brak, Teaneck, Efrat, New Square, Manhattan and everywhere else.

Vi'ameich kooooooooooooooolum Tzadikim. All Jews are tzadikim.

Yes, even you.

Good Shabbos my sweetest Tzadikim!!!!!!!

Love to all!

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