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An Interview With Achashveirosh

Vashti refused to come when the King called her. How does this make you feel Achashveirosh? "Mad!!!" "Vichamaso bo'ara bo" - The anger burned inside of him [1/12]. Thank you for sharing your feelings with us, sir. I mean, His Majesty.

In the Medrash, Rav Yochanan teaches us that Achashveirosh remained infuriated from the time Vashti was killed until Esther was taken. A looooong time.

This is consistent with the opinion in the gemara [12a] that Achashveirosh was a foolish king [melech teepaish]. As King Solomon says in Koheles [ch. 7] "Vika'as bicheik ksilim yanuach" - Anger rests in the bosom of the foolish. [Rinas Yitzchak p. 326]

Yes Achashveirosh, you are angry - you are foolish.

Problem is that, well, sometimes maybe maybe maybe we too act foolishly.

Lord save us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love and blessings!

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