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We Are Simply Miraculous!

"It is difficult to make predictions. Especially when they are about the future."

Achashveirosh made a decree allowing the Goyim to completely obliterate the Jews. The decree was never rescinded! It still hovers over us to this day. The decree was made by the "Melech" and we all know that Melech is an allusion to the King of the Universe. The Medrash says that the decree was signed and sealed in Heaven. A decree promulgated by the King with his "ring" [taba'as] cannot be rescinded [Heard from Rav Moshe Schapiro Shlita]. Maybe the word "taba'as" is an allusion to nature - teva. G-d, generally, doesn't suspend the laws of nature. They remain permanently in force. Therefore, naturally speaking, we were done. Finished. Caput. Finito. Goners. Outta here. So our existence until this very day is nothing short of miraculous.

What DID the Melech say? OK, Yidden. You may defend yourselves [See Chapter 8]. Meaning that until now we had no right to defend ourselves!! Sounds like the UN. "You Israelis have no right to defend yourselves. Your job is to help your enemies kill you." The more things change, the more they stay the same.......

Here we are, the letters are sent out proclaiming that the Jews have the right to defend themselves. What would you do? I would prepare for war and be afraid! The Goyim still have the right to kill us. What is going to be??

What in fact did the Jews do? They celebrated!! Before the actual victory. A little premature, no? Celebrate after the victory, guys!!

Answer: The Jews saw that Mordechai had ridden on the king's horse, was given Haman's home, that Esther was queen, that they were given permission to defend themselves etc. Meaning - the tide had turned. G-d was on our side!! And if G-d is on our side, well, then victory is assured. If victory is assured then we may celebrate even before the actual victory.

"Vi'ani bichasdicha botachti" - I had trust in Your chesed, [so even before I actually experience it] "Yagel leebee bishuasecha" - My heart REJOICES in Your salvation .

May we see Hashems salvation speedily in our days!!

Love and blessings to all!!!!

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