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War Has Broken Out!!!!!!!!!!!

"A war doesn't only determine who is right. It also determines who is left."

I have a custom. After every learning session is over I hug my chavrusa. Am I strange? Yes, but that has nothing to do with why I maintain this practice.

Chazal liken a chavrusa to a war, even when the participants are a father and son or a Rebbe and student. Torah study is the tenacious pursuit of truth that must be acquired at all costs. No holds barred. This is a matter of life and death!

Ahhhhhhh, but after the chavrusa is over, we love each other again. We are on the same team. Ted Turner used to enjoy calling the Atlanta Braves "Americas Team". Well, we are both on Hashems team!! We helped each other achieve a common goal. I really love the guy I that just destroyed a minute ago.

Hence the hug!!

[See Kiddushin 30b]

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It's eerie how you post that title the same day as the Mercaz Harav shootings

I heard that a chavrusa is like a marriage because it has to be a good match. lol.

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