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Hashem Yinkom Domom!!

"Though I forgive, I shall not forgive their bloodshed when Hashem dwells in Zion." [Yoel 4/21]

Maybe Hashem forgives other sins, but the sin of spilling the blood of holy Jewish Yeshiva students in Yerushalayim in their Yeshiva building will never be forgiven.

Hashem will avenge their deaths!

This should be the last tragedy that we see before the coming of Moshiach.

I remember just a few months ago when I in Yeshiva less than one mile away from Markaz Harav. I remember dancing in the streets which are now filled with blood, together with those boys that are now being pulled away on stretchers. The single, most pure, peaceful act in the world is to study torah. For that to be interrupted itself is a shame. Infiltrating a yeshiva, a holy place, a place built on the foundations of Peace and love for every human being, destroys any minute hope there was for peace. I almost pity the Palestinians, their future in Israel is not a bright one. Israel will strike back, stronger than ever. This is the worst attack I have seen in my lifetime, and it should bring all Jews across the world to tears.

i've been crying all afternoon. i can't believe the families of the kedoshim will have to do purim without them. we really need the geula. hashem should save us from these beatial sons of haman and avenge the blood of his holy children cut down while studying his holy torah. umacha hashem dim'a meal kol panim...

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