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For Those Who Use Their Sense Of Hearing For Spirituality

For anyone to whom I am indebted because you listen to the shiurim that Hashem puts in my mind: There are many shiurim on alleyways and on yutorah.org about Purim. [If you ever ask me for a favor and I say that I can't do it, remind me that you listen to the shiurim. It will be hard for me to refuse....]

Also if you go to the Parshas Hashavua section of Yutorah [Vayikra] you can listen to two shiurim that I gave about the massacre at Merkaz Harav this week. I give klal Yisrael a bracha that no more such shiurim should be necessary. I hope that the shiurim help elevate you.

"Nor bi'simcha Tyere Yidden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" [Only with happiness precious Jews]

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Segula - 40 days at the Kotel

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