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Celebrating Peace

When was the "Battle of Purim"? On the 13th of Adar. When do we celebrate Purim? On the 14th of Adar when we RESTED from our enemies. In Shushan they waged war for an extra day and only rested on the 15th. That is why we celebrate Purim on the 15th in walled cities.

When do we celebrate Chanukah? On the 25th of Kislev when we rested from our enemies AFTER the battle.

The lesson: We don't celebrate wars - we celebrate not having to wage war! [Based on the words - I think - of Rav Yaakov Katz Shlita].

Why do we anticipate Moshiach? To avenge our enemies? "No", says the Rambam! We anxiously await the arrival of Moshiach because then we will finally be able to serve Hashem in peace and quiet. No more wars, no more bloodshed, no more problems. Just a page of gemara with its commentaries.

I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nonetheless, we long to see the vengenace since it is a Kiddush HaShem. (תנחומה מטות ד): "Moshe yearns to see vengeance against the Midianites before he dies and requests from Hashem that he should see it with his eyes."

Chazal use this episode to teach a general lesson about the place of vengeance in Jewish life (ספרי מטות קנז): "'And Hashem spoke to Moshe to say: Take the vengeance of the children of Israel from the Midianites ... And Moshe spoke to the nation to say: Prepare for yourselves people for an army and they will be on Midian to deliver Hashem's vengeance on Midian.' (במדבר לא:א-ג) This is to tell you the praise of the righteous that they do not depart from the world until they avenge the vengeance of Israel which is the vengeance of He Who created the world.

I want to see the vengeace, if not for our sake than for HaShem's sake since it will prove to the nations conclusively His sovereingty. On that day HaShem will be One and His name One. Amen.

AMEN!!!but we need to communicate with Hashem and daven to him for Moshiach to come.

Bar Kochba - Point well taken but it is not a matter of our personal vendetta. Moshe told them to take HASHEM'S VENGEANCE. That must be the intention. And so with Pinchas - bikano es KINASI - Pinchas was concerned with Hashem's honor.

Hashem of course is concerned with our honor. That is why he said nikmas bnei yisrael.

And that is what you yourself wrote.

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