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Making Yerushalayim Happy

Approximately 173 years ago the city of Tzfas was severely damaged [I think that it was due to an earthquake]. The Chasam Sofer explained [See Toras Moshe Parshas Emor] that this occurred as Divine retribution to show people that they have abandoned Yerushalayim and instead have become enamored with Tzfas. This is a big sin. Yerushalayim must always remain Number One.

In the bracha said after the Haftorah we ask Hashem to redeem Yerushalayim's "Aluvas Nefesh" - Sad Soul. Imagine how sad Yerushalayim must be today when She sees all of her Jews grazing in foreign pastures [faaaaaar away - even from Tzfas] even though they can full well afford to come to Her - even if only for vacation.

May we speedily see the fulfillment of the bracha "Mesameach Tzion Bivaneha" - [Blessed are you Hashem] Who causes Tzion to rejoice in her sons!!!!!!!!

Love and blessings sweetest friends!

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