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Swearing Can Be A Good Thing - A "Shavuos" Thought That Has Nothing To Do With Cheese Cake

Interesting dispute. In this weeks parsha it says [6/13, love the chapter and verse!] "ubishmo tishavea" swear in His Name. The Ramban say that there is no mitzva to swear in G-d's name. The pasuk is WARNING a Jew that when he swears it should be in G-d's name and not in the name of idols. He intends to argue with the Rambam who says that there is a MITZVA to swear in the name of G-d when necessary [in court, for example].

See the wonderful "Som Derech" [Page 36] from the late Rosh Yeshiva of Chevron, Rav Broide, who points out a seeming contradiction in the Rambam.

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