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More Than Just Better

A big misunderstanding is prevalent about the power of tshuva. People often talk about "improving". Improvement is certainly important but tshuva is not limited to just that. Tshuva means to engage in a complete transformation of ones spiritual being. Or in the words of the Holy Rabbis of the previous generations "Tshuva iz nicht der teitch besser verren, tshuva iz der teitch andresh verren." [Tshuva does not mean becoming BETTER, tshuva means becoming DIFFERENT.]

See Pachad Yitchak [Rosh Hashana Maamar 29] for a detailed and profound exposition of this topic.

I was recently asked to put postage on about 1000 parcels of mail (by machine). The mailing was a booklet about HOD which is an organization supporting organ donation and I was wondering what the rav's opinion is on the matter.

I feel strongly that this a question for gedolei hador to answer.

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