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Self Forgiveness

"When a person does tshuva out of a feeling of love for Hashem ["tshuva may'ahava"], he must forgive himself for his sins, just as one would appease a friend whom he insulted in order to receive forgiveness. After he is clean of sin in his own eyes, the holy celestial forces work on this person and all of his sins are transformed into merits."

Rav Kook

Many people have trouble forgiving others. They are filled with anger and bitterness against the world. These people suffer a great deal because very often they cannot forgive themselves either. Once a person achieves the capacity to forgive he can forgive the world - and himself. A person who lacks this capacity is miserable, for the world is evil - and so is he.

But let us not forget: Before forgiving oneself, a pure absolute tshuva is critical.

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