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Yisborach Shimcha Bifee Kol Chai

Sweetest friends!!

In this weeks parsha we read about the mitzva to bentch after eating. "Viachalta visavata uvairachta es Hashem Elokecha" - Eat be satiated and bless Hashem.


But wait! When we bentch we say [before quoting that pasuk] "Yisbarach shimcha bifee kol chai" - "Your name will be blessed by the mouth of EVERY LIVING BEING". Where does it say that every living being blesses Hashem? Only people do?!

Well, there IS an explanation but my daughter is patiently waiting for me to close my computer and leave the room so that she can do the traditional "sponga" - [mopping up].
So I gotta go.

Good Shabbos beloved friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

G. Shoshana is the best!

Bereishis Rabbah י:ו-ז!

Come to think of it, the answer to this also answers pretty well how animals can sing their part in Perek Shira.

your beginning sounds like a carlebach monologue before he sings a song of that title - the best!


The eztem fact that they exist is in essence a shevach to Hashem

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