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High Up

Everybody knows that a mezuza should be affixed at the beginning of the top third of the door post. But what if it is a really high doorway and the top third is really high up?

You guessed it! Machlokes - also a difference of opinion. Both! Some hold that it should be placed at the top third regardless. Others say that if the door post is really high the mezuza should be placed at shoulder height.

Interesting. I noticed that at Jaffa Gate the mezuza is much higher than shoulder length but seemingly lower than the top third? [I also noticed that at Jaffa Gate there are a lot of money changers. Why? How many money changers do you need?]

Well, bide'eved [after the fact] it is OK.

But if they would ask me ....

the mezuza of Jaffa Gate, is HIS, so it is hidden from veiw...identify Jew, a man who....loves

well, I think Im hearing aliens...

bring me bread, I am Leaven...

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