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Just One Person Is All It Takes!

At the end of the second paragraph of Shema, we say "visamtem etc. uchisavtom al mzuzos bisecha." Funny, we start with the plural form ["visamtem, vilimaditem"] and conclude with singular form ["uchisavtom" means that you the individual should write a mezuza. "UchsavtEm" would be plural].


Why does a Jew always answer a question with another question?

I don't know, why?

The Great Gaon Rav Meir Simcha of Dvinsk in his monumental Meshech Chochma at the end of Eikev offers a brilliant explanation. The Torah [The "Topa" in Russian] says that if there is a city of idolators it must be burned and the people are executed [ir nidachas]. However the gemara says that if there is ONE mezuza in town everybody is saved. Both from human and Divine retribution.


So that is what the pasuk is alluding to. "Uchisavtom" - You the individual write [and hang up] a mezuza and in your merit everybody will live - lima'an yirbu yemeichem.


Anyway we also see the power of the individual to bring merit to the greater community.

You should be the one!

Love and blessings!!

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