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Exclusive Interview

How's life?

I'm not alive, I'm dead.

Oh. So how's .... death?



Yes. It has completely changed my perspective.

In what way?

Well, when I was alive, I spent my whole existence in the pursuit of money. Now that I died - no more money. Also, no cellphones, no internet access, no breakfast, no newspaper, no NBA, NFL or even fantasy baseball leagues. I am BORED TO DEATH over here [no pun intended]. All there is, is spirituality. The only guys having fun over here are the ones who were involved in spirituality when they were alive. You know, the learners, the daveners, the "right wingers" who spent their whole lives running after mitzvos. People whom I derided as being fanatics. Now they are basking in G-ds glory. Everybody else is just bored. People who could only relate to physicality when they were on earth are finding the going extremely rough. The regret they feel is searing. The jealousy - excruciating.

So when does it end?

It doesn't. Unless they are lucky enough to get another go-round in the world. But many that do, end up making the same mistakes they made the first time.

Earlier, you made a reference to money. Are you saying that in the world of truth money is meaningless?

No, don't put words in my mouth! Money IS important. As a MEANS, not as an end. When you have money you can give it away. For tzedaka, buying gifts to gladden people, paying yeshiva tuition etc. But too many people blow the importance of money out of proportion. When I was alive people gave me so much honor just because I had money. I thought I was a hot-shot. Over here nobody cares. An angel told me the other day that I should have read what the dollar bill says "In G-d we trust". Instead my whole life was "In the Almighty Dollar I trust".

So how much money did you lose when you died?

About 15 million dollars. Was I stupid! The 15 mil I was able to enjoy for just a few years and now for the rest of eternity I am left with nothing. Just a few haphazardly done mitzvos. Frankly, even when I was alive I didn't really enjoy my money. I couldn't sleep at night. Always worried about fluctuations in the market. It made me so nervous and tense and I would take it out on my wife and kids.

Do you have any message for the living?

Yes! Spend your lives looking to do favors for people. Show everybody you meet respect and love. Be generous with your money. The only investment that really lasts for a significant period of time is tzedaka. Eternity is quite long. Don't leave davening early. Talking to G-d develops a relationship that is so crucial when it really counts. LEARN AS MUCH TORAH AS YOU CAN. And last but not least - when financial times are rough - don't sweat it. G-d is running the show and He knows what is best for us. Maybe, maybe, maybe, it will serve as a spiritual wakeup call for so many who really need it.

Thank you for your time.

No, thank YOU for the opportunity to share some of the insight I have gained with others who still have the chance to fix their lives.

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