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Only Sometimes It Goes Away

Sign in a dentists office: A picture of teeth and the following message "If you ignore the problem - it will go away."

We all have defects in our character. We may choose to ignore it - but it certainly won't go away. It will just continue to haunt us as we go through life. Many people consistently sweep their problems under the carpet and the bottom of the carpet gets filthier and filthier. The bottom of the carpet is an analogy for our mental state. The person who suffers the most from faulty character is himself. Example: Tension and nervousness. You don't get ulcers from what you eat but from what eats you! Learning how to relax is a valuable tool.

The solution is deep, honest, introspection and the development of a concrete plan to overcome the defect and to turn the defect into a positive attribute.

Love and blessings!!!!!

I think the sign means if you ignore the problems with your teeth, then it (your teeth) will go (rot) away. We should all realize our problems and address them. If we don't address them, they may go away temporarily...but soon enough the problem will come right back.

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