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The Power Of A Jewish Soul

There is a group of young "Religious Zionist" Jews who started an organization called Ma'ayanei Hayeshua. The goal is to bring other Jews closer to Judaism. "Kiruv" in our lingo.

About a month ago, they set up a stand with at the Malcha Mall. Not exactly a religious environment to say the least! A storekeeper approaches them and asks to put on the tefillin. Of course they responded in the affirmative with great joy. Suddenly they notice a line of storekeepers getting longer and longer. They all want to lay tefillin. So the boys went to get their own personal tefillin so the people wouldn't have to wait too long. Each one of the men had a story. One man related that he hadn't put on tefillin for many years but still remembered the brachos by heart.

The most beautiful story was told by a 72 year old man. When his turn came he began to cry. He related that he was a holocaust survivor and from the time of the war he is FILLED with anger at Hashem and thus it is so hard for him to fulfill mitzvos. "I feel and know that my Neshama is suffering from the distance from Hashem that I imposed upon it," he said. "This morning I decided to give my Neshama a present and lay tefillin."

[Source: Ma'ayanei Hayeshua parsha booklet, Parshas Haazinu]

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