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I am so frustrated with G-d! I keep davening for something and He is not answering me.

Mazel tov!

Why Mazel tov?

You just invented a new religion.

Which religion is that?



Yes. When you go to a restaurant and order a burger, fries and coke you want the waiter to give you PROMPT and courteous service. "Waiterism" is the religion that demands that G-d proffer prompt and courteous service. If not - He is in trouble.

But if he loves me then why doesn't he give me what I need?

He DOES give you what you need. He doesn't always give you what you WANT.

Why not?

Are burger, fries and coke GOOD for your body?


Are they what you WANT?

Absolutely [with lotsa ketchup]!

G-d gives you what is GOOD for you, not what you want. He is better than a waiter who [often] isn't interested in your health - only in your tip. G-d gives you what your SOUL needs. So you keep davening for what you think you need and leave it up to the Source Of All Knowledge to decide if it is good for you.

So I should order from G-d a fillet of SOUL - Blessings filled with "soul". Things that are good for my soul and let Him decide if I really need it.


Hey, if I do that I can be part of a religion based on the name of a waiter I once had.

What's that?


Shalom, im a bnei Noach, so, is pointless to pray? G-d will give us whats is good for us anyway, and not what we want? also the pains that we feel sometimes is NOT BAD, because is what G-d wants for us? i mean sometimes pain hurt us, but is not bad right??

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