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Get To Know Him

Chazal teach us "kol maasecha yihiyu lishem shomayim" - Everything you do should be for the sake of Heaven [Hashem]. The pasuk says "bichol dirachecha dayahu" - In all of your ways you should know Him. Meaning, that everything that you do should be for the sake of Hashem. So what is the difference between the two teachings?

Kol maasecha lishem shomayim teaches that everything you do should be a MEANS to serve Hashem. For example, you should eat in order that you should have the strength to learn Torah afterwards.

Bichol dirachecha dayahu goes even further. The eating itself [which is not a mitzva per se] should be a vehicle that enables you to cling to Hashem. When you eat the food and enjoy the taste, you think to yourself "Hashem Yisborach - you are delicious!!!" "Taamu u'riu ki tov Hahsem" - Taste and see that Hashem is good. Not merely a means to an end but an end itself.

[Based on the Lubavitcher Rebbe in his sefer Likkutei Sichos Parshas Toldos]

This two teachings could [and should!] be applied to all areas of life.

Love and blessings to all!!

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