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Limited Hospitality

Shabbos is a great host. When Rosh Chodesh falls out on Shabbos, she gives Rosh Chodesh the rights to Mussaf. When Yom Tov falls out on Shabbos - she gives the whole davening to Yom Tov. When Yom Kippur falls out on Shabbos - she even gives up her 3 meals on behalf of Yom Kippur. But when Tisha B'av falls out on Shabbos - "NO, NO, not by me", says Shabbos Kodesh. "I cannot host ANY sadness!!!" So we push it off until Sunday.

You can't allow yourself to be a host for sadness either!

Tamid Bi'simcha sweetest friends!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Rav Simcha Bunim Mi'pshischa]

amazing lesson - so simple but a real eye opener!

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