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Going Nowhere Fast

When you don't know where you are going, any which way will get you there.

Lewis Carroll

Many people I know suffer form a lack of direction. They WANT to learn but never seem to get anywhere.

The solution is simple. Make a PLAN! What you are going to learn in what period of time. Then set aside time daily to fulfill your plan. Let NOTHING get in your way. Obama calls you to consult about a crucial issue. "Sorry Barack'l - I am in the middle of a seder. Call me back in a half hour." Your friend invites you to a Knicks game. "Sorry, ever since Ernie Grunfeld retired I don't go to games anymore. I want to see a Yid in uniform! [Or at least a coach with a biblical name.] Show the Goyim that we can shoot the rock, also. Besides, I learn an amud of gemara a day two times, and they called the game for exactly the time I learn!"

Did I say that the solution is simple? Simple to say - challenging to implement.

Shavua Tov sweetest friends!

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