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Bless You

At the beginning of this weeks parsha the Torah says that "These are the offspring of Noach" then out of the blue it says "Noach was a tzaddik and complete...". Hey! What about his offspring.

"This is what I ate for breakfast: I really enjoy clipping my toenails." It just doesn't follow!

So Rashi noticed this [of course] and explains that when mentioning a tzaddik, we praise him as it says "zecher tzaddik livracha". [Afterwards the pasuk continues and lists his sons].

3 questions:

1] How come when we are first introduced to Noach in Parshas Beraishis we don't hear his praise [that he was a tzaddik and complete] and only in Parshas Noach we read this?

2] How come when introduced to other tzaddikim in the Torah we don't hear their praise?

3] The pasuk Rashi quotes to prove that when mentioning a tzaddik you praise him is "zecher tzaddik livracha". But that doesn't mean to PRAISE a tzaddik but to BLESS him? In fact, in Vayera 18/18 we see Rashi quoting this pasuk to show that when mentioning a tzaddik we BLESS him!!

Food for thought.

1. he was - "VeNoach matza chen be'einei Hashem"
2. because of his generation - with the way we ended last parsha (Velakchu nashim mikol asher bacharu) - we have to emphasize the contrast between Noach and everyone else - could we have doen so with Avraham or Moshe? Yes, but the contrst perhaps is not as great (or necessary)

1] He is mentioned a number of times before that.

2] Rashi says zecher tzaddik livracha - when you mention a tzaddik you praise him. It has nothing to do with contrasting him to others.

Have a great shabbos!

Ayein Sham...

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