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The Precondition For All Spiritual Growth

We say it every day : ולא תתורו אחרי לבבכם ואחרי עיניכם ... למען תזכרו ועשיתם את כל מצוותי והייתם קדושים לאלוקים

"Don't go after your eyes [see inappropriate things] .... in order that you will remember and fulfill my mitzvos and be holy to your G-d."

A mashal. You go into the kitchen and pour yourself a refreshing glass of clear delicious water. MMMMMMM! DEEEEEEELICIOUS!! One problem. The glass is filthy and muddy. You drink.


A person fulfills all of the mitzvos. He should be purified. But it doesn't work if he contaminates his soul by seeing inappropriate sights. His soul is muddy and so are his mitzvos. OY VEY!!

If one is visually pure then so are his mitzvos. The opposite ....

The foregoing was an advertisement for television. That every Jew who cares about his soul use it as firewood for a seudas mitzva. Also, keep all reading material with pictures out of the house. The street looks bad enough. Why bring the filthy street into your home.

Love and blessings!!!

[Based on the Chafetz Chaim]

PS If you have noticed many posts on this topic appearing on alleyways it is because I believe that it is the most critical spiritual problem facing our generation and people don't even realize that something is wrong.

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